SHEinspires: feature #5

SHEinspires: feature #5

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Hey there,fam! Hope we are doing amazing! Today, I am bringing to you *drumroll* another #SHEinspires blog yassss!  This is number #5 wow! This particular interview is with Victoria who I call Vicky😉 . I love this interview for a lot of reasons, to be honest SHEinspires interviews make me think, search my heart and desires but talking to my #girlboss Vicky,resonated with me so much so. She was so real, transparent and is the definition of being an open book. There's literally nothing she said she couldn't talk about, she was very much  in touch with her vulnerability.I love this girl for how strong she is, a go and goal getter, perfectionist to a degree, CREATIVE did I say CREATIVE,jeezzz! She thought me graphic designing, editing,photography, content creation and to clarify we met in church in our social media team. She has been such a great impact in my life. I woken up my creative side I can't put back to sleep, thank you girl! And her recent and new project VICTORIOUS CAPS,yes she has her own cap line(Y’all better go support,thank me later). Also she is also a GREAT BLOGGER, I know extremely talented, check out the blog section on her blog.

She inspires me and I asked her to share hr story with us because of how much her daily actions, touches my life. She constantly fights to be here, to trust God and keep pushing on and that's what we all need. I believe this interview will push to think about some things, try to better certain issues, habits and behaviours. Mostly importantly force you to redirect our thoughts and eyes and worries to God. Enjoy! (NB: S-Sefakor and V- Victoria)


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V - Hi! I am Victoria Simba, I see myself as a young just starting adulting, graduated from International Business. A black woman, believer with a lot of faith. Without it I don't think I will be who I am, without that little mustard of faith won't made me Victoria. And I love my name victoria which obviously means Victory in Spanish which is the name of my brand. And I realized that at a point God calls the things that are not as though they were. God calling me Victoria fits in that scripture, He called me Victorious at times I didn't feel victorious.


An extrovert and introvert, ambivert, I like people and I like being alone. It also depends who I have to be around, it depends on who I want to be around and the energy I want. I think of myself as a nice person. A full time worker in a bank, I hated finance,failed finance in school but  I apply to this job and got it, I am very grateful. Learning more about budgeting, finances and seeing huge balances and being like ‘wow’ it's possible. It’s kinda prophetic, to get my finances right. I work fulltime at the brand, I think about it at work as I guess I have 2 full time jobs or 3 because I'm a christian too lol.


S- I love it! You touched on not feeling victorious at times and God calling things that are not as if they were. Can you share with us some of your past and present lessons or challenges with us?

V- One of the things I learn especially from uni is not expecting too much from humans. It slapped me in the face when the people I love so much hurt me or disappointed it was like a rude awakening. I was like ‘yo, you can't trust these people with all your life” like I thought. Those people are still my friends but I don't go to them for everything not even my happiness. Not depending on humans, I feel like it’s negative to say but it’s the truth but people are going to let you down. A current struggle is impatience, I also knew it but I just have a short temper when I drive. But now I really see it, it’s ruining things, it causing me not ruin relationships but to miss the point on a lot of things. Things get better when you wait. Had I waited to launch my brand it would have been better, I feel I launched it out of impatience because I was so excited about it. My impatience is masked as excited so I tend to confuse the two.  So had I waited, it probably would have grown better, I have a hard time trusting God’s time because of excitement. I know it’s bad and dangerous.Fear is something seen as small, and you are prayed for and It is gone. When I think of fear I think of the future. Yeah let's go there, eg. marriage; I know I want to get marriage but what if it’s not before 30, I know God will do but what if. I am scared it will be to the wrong person. How am I going to trust that person how am I going to get there. I don't know if I trust men like that. I want to think about that when we get there but it's soon so I have to deal with that now. Fear is real.It comes in different forms.

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S- When and How did you overcome these struggles?

V- Overcoming by past fears wasn't really a choice, I didn't choose to overcome it, it just slapped me.  A lot of events and experiences taught me, you can’t trust man only. God is constant and  trusting. He is not gonna let you down, others will fail you. Our parents are gonna offend and disappoint me. You know that people can hurt you even your parents because they are humans but you still get shocked like it's my dad he’s not suppose to do that. It is easy to think there’s no love in family like if my dad doesn’t love me, no one else will. But I remember I have a spiritual and real father who is not human and will not fail me.I evaluated everything like how my past relationships went and how it hurt me, looked at my life and saw all the failed relationships, the ones that worked and the ones that had to end because. I did an analysis and realized they are human, flawed just like me and I got to stick with God. And overcoming the current one which impatience, is taking it day by day not being hard on myself because God is not hard on me.. He knows my flaws and still loves me, He is not saying this is my flaw and I got issues, he’s not doing that to me but I feel like I do that to myself. Take in day by day, God loves me and it's His love that is going to change me, keep trusting him. And what’s important is I am aware of the flaw. What’s worse is if I were ignorant, that is people know my flaw and I don’t, that's dangerous. At least I know and I am putting it in God’s hands, taking it day by day and one day I will wake up and be the most patient person in world. It will just happen. Some of my flaws I use to think it was part of my personality and now it’s not there anymore, I don’t even know when and how I overcame it just went.

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S- What and who inspires you? How do you stay grounded?

V- What inspires me is people’s faith, I feel like people lied to me, christianity is very hard. Now that I know how hard it is,I respect all those still in the faith. I look at my mum still in the faith despite all she’s gone through. If it was me I would have been gone, you know. It is not people, is the faith they have. I have a lot of respect for christians, women and even men because it's hard.They make it look so easy and I know it is not easy, it is not their fault for making it look easy. I know it is grace,that is what inspires me about people. Even when people share their testimony I am like wow, that faith you have inspires me and I can also get there. That's why I like going to church and not seeing myself not being part of a church, How do you stay motivated? You need other people struggling and making it out, you may not be at your break through yet but others are and that's motivating because we are all praying to the same God. the faith that you have I can work towards it. It's not even comparison is just motivating. It’s interesting because I have never thought about it like that, I guess what motivates me is God’s love and how people believe it. I inspires me to also believe, people never giving up. And when Christian do give up I get it. But i also know God called me and I am able. I haven't given up because it gets better I have seen it get better, I know there's a reward on the other side. We go through seasons and it gets better. Christ said he has overcome the world you just have to have faith.

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S- What will you say to the younger you or younger girls in general?

V- To the younger me, you don't know everything,God does He will show you the things that are hidden, stick with Him. It doesn't matter how detailed your five year plan is, it will never go as planned because God has the final say. Some of the things I had planned five years ago or ten years (for my five year plan) none of them happened and I am happy it didn't because other things I never imagined here like Victorious Caps. I thought about it two years ago, so let’s say five years ago it never conceived it. As much as you can picture, dream right now, I know it's not going to look like that and I am happy it is not because my future dreams are small compared to God’s plan. If i get what I dream I am going to be mad, if God doesn't do beyond that like what. I will say you don't know everything, and I will also say keep dreaming, keep being you and believe in who you are and believe God loves who He made. Despite the flaws, even with the flaws, temperament, sin everything, God loves it all, He knows you. I say don't change who you are, know who you are, stay who you are. And to younger girls don't try to grow too fast, adulting is not fun, enjoy every season. Enjoy being 16 , enjoy being 17, enjoy being 14, enjoy turning 12, it goes by really fast. I remember being 12, it goes by really fast, just enjoy it and make the most out of it. Don't try to grow up too fast, every season has its own challenges and if you try to force and accelerate you will miss out. Take your time and get to know who you are that's important, if not high school will try to tell you who you are. Life will try to tell you who you are, a guy will try to tell you who you are. Be you!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, it's so inspirational and raw. Hope to catch up with you later soon. We will be in touch with you!

V- You are welcome! 

Be sure to check Victoria out online!

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I hope you enjoyed this feature. 

Thank you for reading and see you soon x

Stay awesome 💛


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